Learning 2.0

I didn’t think we had a blog this week because it wasn’t on the schedule on BB, so I apologize if this is late…

I did go back and do some more reflection on my technology log and was talking with some colleagues last night and reflecting on really how eye-opening it is to look at my use of technology.

I’m currently in St. Michaels, MD at the AIMS (Association of Independent Maryland Schools) Technology Conference and we’re talking about Learning 2.0 and a lot of the new technologies that are available on the web for learning and playing.  We’ve also talked a lot about how playing is learning, especially with technology.  I am one of those people that really needs to use and play with something before I can decide if it’s worthwhile.

During one of the keynote presentations by Helene Blowers, she showed us the following chart:

I was very interested to see the spread of how people are using these technologies and who is using them.  She also told us that the age/gender group that is currently joining Facebook most frequently is women who are 55+ I would never have guessed that this would be the fastest growing population on FB.  On the other hand I think it’s great that this social network is reaching across lines it probably wasn’t expecting to get (not that they don’t expect that audience at some level, but I would guess that if FB was to predict who would be the population that was growing at this time, I don’t think they would pick this population).

To be continued…


2 responses to “Learning 2.0

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Facebook predicted the growth in female +55 users, but the guys running the ship understand how to gain the largest market share possible. They created a system for college students to keep track of each other; that then spilled over to graduates, who wanted to keep using the system; that then spilled over to previously non-users, old and young, who wanted to see all of the neat stuff everyone else was doing; and that falls over to the parents and grandparents who want to both be hip and keep tabs on their kids. Brilliant! It reminds me of McDonald’s and the company’s creation of the happy meal. Once the kids are hooked on the food, you’ll have them for life.

    BTW, that graphic is really good … it shows the data in a great and understandable format, which oftentimes seems to be difficult for publications to grasp these days.

  2. That’s a great chart. I think it will be most interesting to watch the number of critics and creators moving like a wave. Especially as more digital natives grow older. There are equal numbers of creator and critics until you get to Gen X… the age where natives and immigrants are still looking for a home (IMO).

    Great stuff. Hope you’re enjoying your conference. You’ll need to tall us more about it.

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