RSS Feeds

I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now. I used to just use bookmarks in Firefox and visit the sites I liked each day to see if there were updates. Then I realized there was a way easier way to do this!! I have been using Gmail for a few years so setting up a Google Reader account was easy and with Firefox, a click of a button adds a particular website to my Reader in no time.

I found that when I was on vacation, I got backed up on reading all the posts I missed while I was gone and am still catching up! I try to only follow blogs where I enjoy reading the posts, if it’s something I just like to look at every now and then, I just bookmark it and visit when I don’t have anything in my reader.

Also, not related to RSS feeds, but multitasking so just thought I would share this for you Firefox users (might work in IE too). If you use the tabbed browsing, you can do Ctrl + the number and it will take you to that tab. If you’re like me and you can have like 20 tabs open at once, Ctrl + 9 will take you to the last tab. Just a neat little trick that Nick showed me. Another tip – related to Google Reader is that if you hit j on your keyboard it will take you to the next post, k will take you to the previous one. Enjoy!


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